Trolling Motors, The Key to Catching Smallies

Small mouth bass are some of the fastest swimmers in the lake. They often come up, grab their catch, and run. In many cases, they may even come up out of the water and soar through the air when the first latch onto their prey, whether it is a bug on top of the water or a lure that you have tossed out. This makes them an interesting fish to catch. Many fishermen are tickled when they catch one. The problem is; actually catching them. This is not always an easy task to handle.

Where to Catch Smallies

In order to catch a small mouth bass, you must go where they are most likely hiding out. This includes deeper waters and preferably rocky shoals or areas where the water suddenly drops off. However, if you know of a good place that has a lot of feeder fish hanging out, you will also find small mouth bass in that area. They are a predatory fish. They love to snack on minnows and anything else that is edible and within their reach. They attack it quickly and most bass fishers can tell you, they hit the bait hard.

How to Catch the Small Mouth Bass

smallmouthbasslureIf you think you have found a good area to catch them, you should try using diving crankbaits or other moving lures. You have to make the fish think your lure is something that they want to eat. You also shouldn’t worry too much about the size of your lure. Larger lures can mean larger small mouth bass. However, if the lure doesn’t work the way you expect it to, you can use live bait. Worms are a very popular choice. Simply throw it out and let it sink slowly as close to the rocky area as you can get it. Reel it in until you see it come to the top of the water and let it sink down again. Patience is the key to catching smallies, but with a little effort, you can succeed.



Tips and Tricks for Smallies

trollingmotormountWhen you are fishing for smallies, one of the best tips is that you don’t need to make a lot of noise. However, you need to get as close to the drop off or rocky shoals as you can, otherwise, you are going to be wasting your time. For many people, the key to catching smallies is a trolling motor to get near the fishing spots, and with any luck, the smallies. This is especially true if they are not confident that they can cast close enough from where they are to get the fish they have been searching for. A good trolling motor, of course, needs a dependable trolling motor battery so that you can move around in the same fishing hole and not have to worry about whether it will start up or not. This site has some really reliable reviews of the best batte It enables you to try out the new spots every so often, in the same fishing hole. This keeps the potential small mouth bass that you want to catch, interested in what you have available.