Smallies At The Marina

Smallie-300x134 (1)Kelly and his brother-in-law Sebastien decide to go fishing at the last minute with Kelly’s father Allen. They are announcing rain and thunder showers, but the anglers still want to go try their luck at some smallmouth bass. With almost no clouds in sight (surprisingly), they head out on the lake of two Mountains. While the day is turning out not to be the most productive, the three of them still have lot’s of fun (what fishing is all about). After about 4 hours catching small fish (nothing to brag about) they decide to head back to the marina. Kelly and Sébastien try out the docks right there at the marina…and good thing they did. The fish start cooperating and Sebastien’s spinnerbait was working well. Here is a picture of him holding a 2lbs 9oz smallmouth Bass caught on his strike King spinnerbait. Great fun these smallmouths!