The Lake of Two mountains and the Ottawa River

This is where we spend the most of our fishing time. Since we live in the area its only natural. The first couple years fishing on this lake we’re very frustrating. No matter where or what we tried we often came up empty handed. The water is murky and very busy with all sorts of water activities. 

We are showing the map of the area we fish, along with the spots we have successfuly caught fish and repeatedly return to. Click on the section you are interested in to see a larger and more detailed portion of the map with depths and hot spots.

Section 1: Carillon Island and surroundings, Rigaud River, Carillon Bay, Baie du fer a cheval.

Section 2: Light house

Section 3: Quarry point, Oka hudson Ferry.

Section 4: Ile Cadieux, Ile au tourtes bridge

Section 5: Vaudreuil Bay.