Fishing in Quebec, What To Expect

QuebecMany people dream of fishing in Quebec. It is where a lot of very large fish can be caught and both young and old fishermen will have plenty of stories to tell about the one they caught or the one that got away. It seems that all of the rivers and lakes around Quebec are filled with fish. You simply have to know where to go and plan ahead to figure out what you hope to catch while there.

Types of Fish Available

There are a variety of fish in the lakes around Quebec. One of the most popular is the trout, either speckled, lake, or brown trout. Smallmouth bass are also very common and relatively easy to catch. Largemouth are a little less common. If you enjoy Walleye, you may want to spend time on the Saint-Lawrence River where you may also catch yellow sturgeon. Carp fishing is also gaining popularity in Quebec because of how large they can become.BrownTrout

Other fish species include salmon, pike, musky, drum, catfish, and perch. If you prefer a smaller fish instead of a larger one, there are many sunfish in the rivers and lakes around Quebec. Many feel that the smaller fish are great for kids to catch because they offer a good battle and are small enough to be manageable.

Onshore or Offshore?

OffshoreMany people wonder if it is best to fish along the shores or by venturing out onto a boat. The answer is, that there really is no true answer. Whether you go fishing along the shore or out in a boat, you stand to catch some pretty awesome fish. The catch is, most people do catch larger fish by taking a boat out into deeper waters.

With fishing along the shore, you do not have to invest as much money into your fishing expedition. You can relax and simply enjoy fishing. However, when fishing along the shore, it is important that you try out different spots. There are plenty of great fishing areas around the shoreline, but not every place around the rivers and lakes is a hot spot for fish. With that being said, if you are on the shore and not catching anything, you can often walk twenty feet in one direction or another and catch fish.

If you are in search of walleyes, you stand a better chance of success if you fish along the shore in sandy areas, but this is not always the case. They do also enjoy being in the current and along the shore, especially during the spring. During the summer and the fall, they choose deeper waters. Small trout and other species of fish can also be caught along the shore, but they are not prize winning fish.

Going out on lakes and rivers in a boat, has been a popular way to fish for many years. It is where you can catch the larger fish and thanks to technology, you have access to fish finders and other tools that can help you find good fish. This means you have less guesswork and you can spend more of your time reeling them in.