Smallies At The Marina

Smallie-300x134 (1)Kelly and his brother-in-law Sebastien decide to go fishing at the last minute with Kelly’s father Allen. They are announcing rain and thunder showers, but the anglers still want to go try their luck at some smallmouth bass. With almost no clouds in sight (surprisingly), they head out on the lake of two Mountains. While the day is turning out not to be the most productive, the three of them still have lot’s of fun (what fishing is all about). After about 4 hours catching small fish (nothing to brag about) they decide to head back to the marina. Kelly and Sébastien try out the docks right there at the marina…and good thing they did. The fish start cooperating and Sebastien’s spinnerbait was working well. Here is a picture of him holding a 2lbs 9oz smallmouth Bass caught on his strike King spinnerbait. Great fun these smallmouths!

Trolling Motors, The Key to Catching Smallies

Small mouth bass are some of the fastest swimmers in the lake. They often come up, grab their catch, and run. In many cases, they may even come up out of the water and soar through the air when the first latch onto their prey, whether it is a bug on top of the water or a lure that you have tossed out. This makes them an interesting fish to catch. Many fishermen are tickled when they catch one. The problem is; actually catching them. This is not always an easy task to handle.

Where to Catch Smallies

In order to catch a small mouth bass, you must go where they are most likely hiding out. This includes deeper waters and preferably rocky shoals or areas where the water suddenly drops off. However, if you know of a good place that has a lot of feeder fish hanging out, you will also find small mouth bass in that area. They are a predatory fish. They love to snack on minnows and anything else that is edible and within their reach. They attack it quickly and most bass fishers can tell you, they hit the bait hard.

How to Catch the Small Mouth Bass

smallmouthbasslureIf you think you have found a good area to catch them, you should try using diving crankbaits or other moving lures. You have to make the fish think your lure is something that they want to eat. You also shouldn’t worry too much about the size of your lure. Larger lures can mean larger small mouth bass. However, if the lure doesn’t work the way you expect it to, you can use live bait. Worms are a very popular choice. Simply throw it out and let it sink slowly as close to the rocky area as you can get it. Reel it in until you see it come to the top of the water and let it sink down again. Patience is the key to catching smallies, but with a little effort, you can succeed.



Tips and Tricks for Smallies

trollingmotormountWhen you are fishing for smallies, one of the best tips is that you don’t need to make a lot of noise. However, you need to get as close to the drop off or rocky shoals as you can, otherwise, you are going to be wasting your time. For many people, the key to catching smallies is a trolling motor to get near the fishing spots, and with any luck, the smallies. This is especially true if they are not confident that they can cast close enough from where they are to get the fish they have been searching for. A good trolling motor, of course, needs a dependable trolling motor battery so that you can move around in the same fishing hole and not have to worry about whether it will start up or not. This site has some really reliable reviews of the best batte It enables you to try out the new spots every so often, in the same fishing hole. This keeps the potential small mouth bass that you want to catch, interested in what you have available.

Our Favorite Fishing Cooler

LifeIsSimpleWe are a family that spends a lot of time in the great outdoors. We love taking our boat out for the weekend and during the summer, we spend even more time out on the open water. For us, there is nothing better than the thrill of catching the big one, even when we do end up with just as many fish tales about the ones we almost caught. However, our fishing trips out would not be worth much if we didn’t have a good cooler along on the trip with us. That is why when we go out, we ensure that our favorite fishing cooler is clean and just as ready as we are.

Why the Cooler Makes a Difference

There are a lot of cooler name brands out on the market. Each one of them claims to be the very best that money can buy. In the years that we have spent on the water and enjoying quality time fishing we have probably tried all kinds of them. There are some that work well for a day trip, but we like the coolers that are able to last all weekend if not more. We do not like our catch of the day to be rotten when we get back to solid ground and we do not like having our cold drinks and sandwich makings to be lukewarm at the end of our day, either.FishingCooler

This means that for us, our favorite fishing cooler must have an excellent ice retention rating. It is the thing that makes the most difference. Although, there are other features that we do enjoy as well, such as a built in cup holder and non-skid feet on the bottom of it. We like it to be solid so that we can stand on it or sit on it without having to worry that it will dump us in the water. We also prefer a cooler that has a built in ruler. We also carry two coolers along, one for cold drinks and snacks and the other is reserved for our prize catch. In both cases, easy to clean is also a strong bonus.

The High End Options

YetiTundraFishingWe have tried coolers that are affordable and we have tried the less budget friendly options as well. Our preference is to search for Yeti coolers on sale, but when we need a new cooler, we are not always picky. Our biggest requirements must be met, and we do tend to stick with the higher end coolers because their ice retention and features are hard to beat. Recently, we carry two very different coolers on board. The Grizzly Coolers brand cooler is the largest one on our boat. It offers the same features as a smaller sized Yeti at a comparable price and it can hold ice for several days at a time so our catch does not spoil. Our smaller cooler, which usually holds drinks, is the Yeti and even with opening and closing it throughout the day and evening hours, it can still hold ice for multiple days. That is why we see no reason to consider other brands now.


Fishing in Quebec, What To Expect

QuebecMany people dream of fishing in Quebec. It is where a lot of very large fish can be caught and both young and old fishermen will have plenty of stories to tell about the one they caught or the one that got away. It seems that all of the rivers and lakes around Quebec are filled with fish. You simply have to know where to go and plan ahead to figure out what you hope to catch while there.

Types of Fish Available

There are a variety of fish in the lakes around Quebec. One of the most popular is the trout, either speckled, lake, or brown trout. Smallmouth bass are also very common and relatively easy to catch. Largemouth are a little less common. If you enjoy Walleye, you may want to spend time on the Saint-Lawrence River where you may also catch yellow sturgeon. Carp fishing is also gaining popularity in Quebec because of how large they can become.BrownTrout

Other fish species include salmon, pike, musky, drum, catfish, and perch. If you prefer a smaller fish instead of a larger one, there are many sunfish in the rivers and lakes around Quebec. Many feel that the smaller fish are great for kids to catch because they offer a good battle and are small enough to be manageable.

Onshore or Offshore?

OffshoreMany people wonder if it is best to fish along the shores or by venturing out onto a boat. The answer is, that there really is no true answer. Whether you go fishing along the shore or out in a boat, you stand to catch some pretty awesome fish. The catch is, most people do catch larger fish by taking a boat out into deeper waters.

With fishing along the shore, you do not have to invest as much money into your fishing expedition. You can relax and simply enjoy fishing. However, when fishing along the shore, it is important that you try out different spots. There are plenty of great fishing areas around the shoreline, but not every place around the rivers and lakes is a hot spot for fish. With that being said, if you are on the shore and not catching anything, you can often walk twenty feet in one direction or another and catch fish.

If you are in search of walleyes, you stand a better chance of success if you fish along the shore in sandy areas, but this is not always the case. They do also enjoy being in the current and along the shore, especially during the spring. During the summer and the fall, they choose deeper waters. Small trout and other species of fish can also be caught along the shore, but they are not prize winning fish.

Going out on lakes and rivers in a boat, has been a popular way to fish for many years. It is where you can catch the larger fish and thanks to technology, you have access to fish finders and other tools that can help you find good fish. This means you have less guesswork and you can spend more of your time reeling them in.

Why Our Fishing Cabins Are the Best

cabinFor many, the idea of “roughing it” in today’s world is a little different than it was several years ago. Technology has changed every aspect of our daily lives and even when a person ventures out into the woods, there is still a need for some basic amenities. For this reason, we strive to keep our cabins updated so that you can choose for yourself, exactly how much of the modern world you want to have with you on a fishing or hunting trip. Are you ready to see how we improve the “outdoor” experience and see why our cabins are the best?

What We Provide

Our cabins are basic, but comfortable. They have beds, a place for you to prepare your meals, comfortable seating for you to rest and unwind after hunting or fishing, and more. This means that if you want to “catch” your dinner, there is a place for you to prepare it and enjoy it, while you are with us. We provide you with indoor plumbing so that you can enjoy a shower to warm you up in the winter or cool you off during the summer months. We use the best portable generator available to ensure that if you want to bring along your partner, the romantic candlelight is by your choice instead of necessity.

Why We Do It

CamoCellWe have an understanding of what our visitors want from a cabin in the woods. Most of the time, they want to venture out and have a great time, but have the privacy to feel as though they have escaped from their daily lives. However, thanks to cell phones and smart phones, most people are unable to completely ditch the “real world”. Most people bring their smart phones to use as cameras and video recorders, even if they do not plan to talk to people back home. Often our guests say they bring their smart phone because it is the best camera they own and because sharing is a breeze. This means that they want to capture the excitement of catching the “big one” and be able to share it with those back home, eventually. Otherwise, it simply becomes another “fish tale” and you have no proof to back it up. We prefer a generator for camping as they usually provide the best setup in all our cabins.

Give Us a Try

We believe in providing comfort and some of the modern conveniences to our guests. It is what makes our cabins the best according to those who have visited us in the past. We are constantly working to improve our cabins. We strive to keep it our cabins casual, but also take precautions that ensure it is environmentally friendly. Our generators are quiet enough that you can still wake up in the morning and have “nature” outside, but they power up the inside so the darkness does not have to be so dark. To learn more about the things we do to keep our guests happy and willing to return, why not visit our site and start planning your next hunting and fishing expedition?

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